Ah, the resume.  That wonderful document that is supposed to make one look good on paper…  Well, these days trying to do it yourself is just simply an old strategy–in a new game. The job market is tight right now, meaning that there are more qualified applicants than there are jobs.  Not even ten years ago, the situation was reversed.  Employers needed applicants more than applicants needed employers…  So, that meant ten years ago you probably could’ve gotten by with a “home made” resume.  However, that is not the case in today’s economy.

A little history…over the past ten years, organizations have invested millions into their performance management systems.  Specifically, they’ve invested millions into their recruitment and selection systems.  What this means is that HR and Recruiters are using new tolls, new processes, and testing systems to ensure they get the right person in the right job–at the right time.  In talking with job seekers today, I find that many are just simply “in the dark” about the types of screening processes that are being used during the recruitment process.

For starters, unless you’re applying to small business, your resume may not even be seen at all.  Companies are now using different types of resume portal systems, somewhat like a big bucket that captures all the inbound resumes for open positions.  If your resume goes into the bucket–without you knowing how to create the resume properly–your resume will just float down to the bottom of the bucket…never to be even seen by a human.

I never said life was fair–but there is a way to even up the odds.  Get your resume written professionally.  Professional resume writers know how to design resumes for various types of submission processes.  Also, they know how to showcase your talents–far better than you do–to help you get that phone to ring.  By the way, a resume is supposed to get you interviews–not get you the job.  The resume document gets your foot in the door–if it’s a good one.  If it’s a home made document…well…let’s just say you’ve probably wasted a lot of time an effort in writing it, submitting it, and waiting for the phone to ring.

These days, you must make sure your resume showcases your portable skills.  What are those?  They are the skills you can take with you regardless of the type of industry.  An example, if you’ve worked as a manager of a hair salon for the past five years, you may make the mistake of highlighting (no pun intended) your knowledge of the salon industry.  If jobs in the salon industry are tight and you have to transition to another industry, you need to amplify your management skills.  Specifically, your people skills in leading a team of employees, providing coaching and development, training, managing performance, etc.

So, if you’re out there spending countless hours re-writing your own resume, applying for jobs, and not getting the phone to ring…you need a new strategy.    Get your resume written professionally.

Happy Job Hunting!


–Natalie Ivey is a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a professional resume writer, based in Boca Raton, Florida.  She can be reached at (800) 517-7129 or at natalie@rpchr.com

Published On: June 16th, 2017 / Categories: Blog /

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