Questions to identify dysfunctional organizational behaviors:

Do you have up-to-date company policies regarding:

  • Alcohol or drug use and abuse
  • Discrimination
  • Harm to property
  • Harassment
  • Misconduct
  • Workplace safety
  • Theft
  • Threats
  • Violations of contracts or labor agreements
  • Violations of wage and hour laws
  • Retaliation

Do you have accurate job descriptions for each position that contains clear performance expectations?

Does your organization have a progressive discipline process in place to hold employees accountable who don’t perform?

Do you have leadership development training in place?

Does your leadership development training start at Day One or is it delivered months or years after a leader is on the job?

Does your leadership training cover all policies, procedures, and employment laws?

Does your leadership training cover how to identify inappropriate behavior (getting the “light bulb” to come on and handle the situation immediately?

Do the leaders clearly understand “why” they must consistently follow policies, procedures, and laws?

Do the leaders clearly understand the consequences when policies are violated or not enforced?

Does the organization hold leaders accountable for how employees are managed  (interpersonal skills such a resolving conflict, delivering effective communication and feedback, consistency in disciplining employees) or is the accountability focus on accomplishment of just business goals such as increasing market share, reducing costs, etc.?

Does your organization have fair recruiting/promotional practices?  Are all jobs posted or do politics interfere with the hiring processes?

Does your organization regularly promote from within or is emphasis placed on external candidates?

Do you have a formal, internal complaint process that is viewed by employees as being unbiased?

Do you have a formal process for tapping into employee innovation?  Are they encouraged and rewarded for contributing ideas that make the organization more successful?

Are employees recognized and rewarded by their supervisors, regularly, for doing good work?

Do you have a performance review process that leaders view as just a “paperwork exercise” or is process an effective one that is viewed favorably by leaders?

Do your employees feel the performance review process is fair?

Does your organization pay employees well or are they viewed as being “cheap”?

Does your organization experience a great deal of turnover, specifically under the leadership of certain managers?

Does your human resource department have a good rapport with other functional areas or is it viewed as a “necessary evil”?

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