At RPCHR, we have numerous HR Compliance training programs that will fulfill your team’s training and development needs.  We are subject-matter experts and routinely facilitate training programs regarding harassment and discrimination prevention, as well as regulatory training:

Fair Labor Standards Act
Family and Medical Leave Act
Americans with Disabilities Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
National Labor Relations Act  

We facilitate training programs on any of the above employment laws and will customize the program to meet your specific team’s needs. We provide training in-person as well as virtual. 

If your organization desires a program on harassment prevention, our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment program is a great choice.  We have both a 4.5 hour management level training program that provides the knowledge of “do’s and don’ts” of working in a leadership role to ensure managers are not in violation of federal employment laws.  And, we have an employee-level version of the same training that provides employees with an understanding of prohibited conduct.  

To learn more about our HR Compliance programs, just go to our Contact Page to request information.